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Nakasatsunai Tokachi Area

The roadside rest area “Nakasatsunai” serves as the entrance of the southern Tokachi area as it is located at the important point for traffic at the junction of National Highway 236 and Shimizu-Taiki line of Hokkaido Prefectural Road.
Adjacent to the parking lot, it is placed the information center and Country Plaza which introduce agriculture and tourism in the Town of Nakasatsunai.
The surrounding Country Plaza has a rich Agri-Park wrapped in green and seasonal flowers, so you can have relax, good time.
Also, the rest area has the beans museum, and you can learn in a fun way.

  • Toilets※Available in 24-hour free
  • Washlet
  • Handicapped Toilets※Available in 24-hour free
  • Ostomate
  • Parking※Available in 24-hour free
  • Covered parking
  • Electric car charger
  • Wi-Fi
  • Information
  • Facilities for the Handicapped
  • Nursing room
  • Diaper changing table
  • Nursing room&Diaper changing table
  • Kids Space
  • Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee & Snack
  • Farm Shop
  • Credit card
  • Cashless payment
  • Park
  • Museum & Art gallery
  • 396 660 710



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