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Rest facilities for enjoying long-distance drives in Hokkaido


These are rest areas for long drives in vast Hokkaido.
Michi-no-Ekis (Roadside Rest Areas) offer various services to support pleasant driving.


① Rest area

There is free parking and toilets available 24 hours a day.
They are also used as disaster-prevention facilities.

② Information

You can get information on roads and tourism in various ways: from live footage, guides, and Wi-Fi.
The hours depend on the location.

③ Local products and food

Enjoy specialties at dining areas.
The hours depend on the location.

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Hitsuji no Machi Samurai・Shibetsu Northern Hokkaido Area
Garden Spa Tokachigawaonsen Tokachi Area
Kamishihoro Tokachi Area
Rumoi Northern Hokkaido Area
Engaru Mori no Okhotsk Okhotsk Area
Abira D51 Station Central Hokkaido Area
North Okhotsk Hamatonbetsu Northern Hokkaido Area
Biei Shirogane Biruke Northern Hokkaido Area
Nanairo・Nanae Southern Hokkaido Area
Ishikari Airodo Atsuta Central Hokkaido Area
Hokuo no Kaze Michinoeki Tobetsu  Central Hokkaido Area
Nonky Land Higashimokoto  Okhotsk Area
Shikabe Geyser Park Southern Hokkaido Area
Misogi no Sato Kikonai Southern Hokkaido Area
Akaigawa Central Hokkaido Area
Wakkanai Northern Hokkaido Area
Jyomon Roman Minamikayabe Southern Hokkaido Area
Odaito Kushiro-Nemuro Area
Yubari Meroad Central Hokkaido Area
Shinshinotsu Central Hokkaido Area
Urahoro Tokachi Area
Lake Utonai Central Hokkaido Area
Stella★Honbetsu Tokachi Area
Kitamae-bune Matsumae Southern Hokkaido Area
Ryuhyokaido Abashiri Okhotsk Area
Toyako Central Hokkaido Area
Minatomare Suttsu Central Hokkaido Area
Mochigome no Sato Nayoro Northern Hokkaido Area
Papasu Land Satturu Okhotsk Area
Shari Okhotsk Area
Utoro・Shirietoku Okhotsk Area
Romankaido Shosanbetsu Northern Hokkaido Area
Biei Okanokura Northern Hokkaido Area
Meisui no Sato Kyogoku Central Hokkaido Area
Shihoro Spa Tokachi Area
Fuwatto Tomamae Northern Hokkaido Area
Ehon no Sato Kenbuchi Northern Hokkaido Area
Urimaku Tokachi Area
Aputa Central Hokkaido Area
Kanenonarumachi・Chippubetsu Central Hokkaido Area
Makkari Flower Center Central Hokkaido Area
Shell Plaza・Minato Central Hokkaido Area
Hana Road Eniwa Central Hokkaido Area
Higashikawa「Michikusakan」 Northern Hokkaido Area
Salmon Park Chitose Central Hokkaido Area
Ashoro Gingahoru 21 Tokachi Area
Shirataki Okhotsk Area
Shikaoi Tokachi Area
Aioi Okhotsk Area
Mukawa Shiki-no-yakata Central Hokkaido Area