What’s the Hokkaido Michi-no-Eki Go app?

”The Hokkaido Michi-no-eki Go app” promotes Hokkaido’s Michi-no-Ekis (Roadside Rest Areas) . It is the official app of Hokkaido’s Michi-no-Ekis.The app has been developed to encourage many drivers, including foreign tourists, to enjoy a safe and comfortable drive in Hokkaido and to go and stop at more Michi-no-Ekis.Its “automatic stamp acquisition” function automatically sends you a Michi-no-Eki stamp image for the Michi-no-Eki Stamp Rally when you visit a Michi-no-Eki. The app also sends you a drive various information such as road signs, scenic byway information (tourism information), roadkill information, traffic safety information, in addition sends you a cycle tourism information useful for cyclists with images and sounds in multiple languages, while driving in Hokkaido. The app also opens a link to the Hokkaido Michi-no-Eki Network website and explains how to access Wi-Fi hotspots at Michi-no-Ekis (“Michi-no-Eki SPOTs”). It may expire earlier than without notice if you update your OS.
※Please be aware that the Stamp Rally and Drive information data can be received only when each screen is opened.
※For cycle tourism information, it is turned off by default setting, so in order to acquire the information, you need to change it to ON on the setting screen.

- Automatic stamp acquisition for iPhones for the Michi-no-eki Digital Stamp Rally
- Provide various useful drive information (road signs, cycle tourism information, scenic byway information (tourism information), roadkill information, traffic safety information)
- Easy links to the English-language Hokkaido “Michi-no-eki” Network website
- Information on Wi-Fi access at “Michi-no-eki SPOTs”

Download the app!

Hokkaido Michi-no-Eki GO is available as an iOS app from the App Store (link below).
(No Android version is available yet.)

- iPhone iOS 10.0 or later (The app may not be compatible with every model of iPhone.)
- None (You may be responsible for telecommunications or packet fees involved in the download.)
- All rights are reserved by the Hokkaido Michi-no-Eki Network regarding the app and its data.
- The Hokkaido Michi-no-Eki Network is not responsible any losses, liabilities, damages, costs or expenses incurred by users or third parties resulting from use of the app or its data.
●Download from the following site:

Hokkaido Michi-no-eki GO, a free

Take part in the Michi-no-eki Stamp Rally through automatic stamp acquisitions on your iPhone!

Take part in the rally through automatic stamp acquisitions on your iPhone. To participate, download the app. Winners will receive a wonderful gift.


until Jan. 31, 2019 (Thur.)


Collect as many stamps as you can, and submit them on or before Jan. 31, 2019 (Thur.). Use the submission form below to tell us how many michi-no-eki stamps you’ve collected. (You need at least 3 for the Digital Stamp Rally.) On the submission form, include your address, name, age and other information. You can submit your collected stamps only once in this period. If you try to submit stamps more than once, you’re automatically disqualified from receiving a gift.
※Can not be used with Digital Stamp Rally and paper stamp rally book.

Notes about the stamp rally

■Hours of availability for michi-no-eki stamps

Even after a michi-no-eki closes for the day, you can get a stamp by coming to the entrance. (In this case, we won’t be able to assist you if there are any telecommunications difficulties.)

■To get a stamp

Make sure your iPhone is set to “ON” under “Internet access” and to “Bluetooth access” , “the Stamp Rally screen is open.

■The number of michi-no-ekis

There are 122 official michi-no-ekis. Three michi-no-eki "Forest 276 Otaki", "Mukawa Shiki-no-yakata" and "Lake Ashoro" can not get stamps due to various circumstances. Also, "Osukoi! Kamoenai” is closed in winter, so you can not get a stamp only during the winter period. Please check whether other michi-no-ekis is open before visiting as there is a possibility that it is closed due to renovation work etc.

A wonderful gift for winners!

■Announcement of winners

Announcement of winners
Those living in Japan


The drawing will be held in early May of 2019. Winners will receive prizes. Other entrants will not receive any notification.
If the post office returns the gift to us because you’re away from home for a long time or if the post office is unable to deliver it because your address is unclear, you will forfeit the gift.

Application form

Fill out this form and click “Send” (all items are required to be filled in).

※The information you fill out on this application form may be anonymously used to as statistical data, excluding the private information.

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